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Hello, community!

We recently concluded the AI Community Africa Learning Fund Program on Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning with python. It was a fantastic experience with 60 registrants, 2 sponsors, 6 facilitators, and 5 exceptional graduates, and we’re excited to bring you the recap, in detail.


The fully-funded sponsorship program was divided into two phases:

  • Introduction to Python for Data Science – May to June 2022
  • Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp – July to October 2022

Introduction to Python for Data Science

In this phase, the learners were exposed to basic python programming for data science. Python syntax, data types, structures, program flow control, and functions were some of the topics introduced to the learners. Upon completion of the introductory course, the learners were required to take the practical exercises to advance to Phase 2.

Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

The second phase took the students further into the world of data science. Following an updated curriculum on Udemy, funded by sponsors, the students gained practical knowledge of data analysis, visualization, modeling, Natural Language Processing, and applications of neural networks.


“Practice makes perfect”; this was the case with the learners as they exhibited proficiency in their newfound skills by executing two mini-projects and a capstone project individually and as a team. The projects were uploaded on GitHub, forming base portfolios for the learners. They were also tutored in developing their professional profiles to aid their job search.

Soft Skills

The learners developed their communication teamwork and project management skills in the program. They were divided into groups to complete the mini-projects, were required to schedule their meeting, and give feedback to the supervisors and facilitators assigned to the groups. As challenging as the task seemed, they were executed successfully. A big plus!


The facilitators were a team of Teaching Assistants and Program Managers who ensured the entire program was seamless. Office hour sessions were conducted weekly for the learners to express themselves and get their challenges addressed. Feedback forms were also sent out weekly to monitor the progress of learners and note challenges encountered during the program.

Special Sessions

In addition to our curriculum, the learners had the opportunity of interacting with data science professionals from the community, in bi-weekly Twitter Space sessions. With their questions answered and their thoughts advised, the session always had the learners motivated and further guided on their career paths. There were special Office Hour sessions for special topics, including Professional Portfolio Management.


We played; yes, we did😉

To stimulate the learning process, incentives and stipends were occasionally provided to the learners. Kahoot games were played during office hours and winners were gifted with airtime and data bundles. “All work and no play…” right?


AI Community Africa Learning Fund Program was a huge success. We had students who barely had an idea of python syntax at the start, extensively analyze data, deriving meaningful insights, and building predictive models by the end of the program. These amazing students made a presentation of their projects during the graduation ceremony that was held on Saturday, 29th October 2022; a replay is available here.

Our graduates:

Adeniji Daniel Akinoluwa: Capstone Project

Idoko Solomon: Capstone Project

Ikeagu Kenneth: Capstone Project

Mcdonald Princess Ayeowuaka: Capstone Project

Ojebiyi David-Daniel: Capstone Project

The graduates will be onboarded as Google CrowdSource community influencers in the coming months.

Next Steps

Here at AI Community Africa, the learning never ends. We have a lot in store that you will want to take advantage of. We will provide access to real-world projects for the learners to challenge themselves with, learn from, and hopefully earn from in the process.

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Review of the project-based Data Science learning program from AI School Africa.

Flora Okezue.

By Flora Okezue

Data Analyst: Udacity Chemical Engineering: Madonna University

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